Hop and Mo

Hop and Mo Goes To The Beach

Mo wiggles her nose and then opens one eye She opens the other and looks at the sky Way up above shines the bright yellow sun This day is sure going to be fun Here comes Hop, his surfboard is blue They’re going surfing; do you want to come too? The beach sand feels soft… Continue reading Hop and Mo Goes To The Beach

Bible Stories

How The Universe Was Created

39 Gouda Street - that is where granny Mouse used to live. She was very old but she told the most wonderful Bible stories. Every Friday granny Mouse would share the Good News from the Bible with all the children living in Green River Valley. Granny Mouse’s first story was about the Creation. Before granny… Continue reading How The Universe Was Created

Hop and Mo

Why Dogs Sniff Each Others Tails

Hop and Mo were visiting Mo’s grandparents. After helping Mo’s grandmother bake cookies they went to Mo’s grandfather and asked if he would please tell them a story.  Grandfather said yes and started telling them this story: “Not far from our little village is another village called Dogville. It is here where almost all the dogs… Continue reading Why Dogs Sniff Each Others Tails